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Welcome to my website. I am an actor with many years experience of improv theater, comedy and storytelling. I do shows, tours, performances and workshops. I also train companies in improvisation, storytelling and innovation. 



Elin has worked as a professional actor for almost ten years. In those years she has specialized in improvisation and street theater. Apart from acting-school Elin has been trained by the very best in improv, among others Keith Johnstone and IO Chicago. Elin does both big and small shows in both Copenhagen and on tour. She also does a monologue and speech about human trafficking which she perform in schools and at conferences. 


Improstorytelling. This show is a mix of storytelling and improv theatre. The show is built on improvised stories created both by using Keith Johnstones games and with help from the audience. It's perfect for birthdays, weddings and as entertainment for conferences etc. The show can be performed in Danish, Swedish or English. 

Theatre sports. This is a spontanious and creative show, where the actors improvises stories, situations and songs, using suggestions from the audience. This makes a live and vibrant show, which is completely unique and extremely funny.  The show can be performed in Danish or English.

Human trafficking. I do a monologue about human trafficking. I tell the story of Anna from Romania and how she ends up being a trafficker. Her story explains the difficulties and huge problems behind human trafficking. It addresses the subject from a different angle than is usually seen. It is based on about a hundred real life cases of human trafficking. I do the monologue and afterwards I do a short speech on the subject and have a talk with the audience. It's perfect for students at university or high school. It is also great for conferences about human trafficking. 

Street theatre for the whole family.The show is inspired by  circus, Commedia dell'Arte and classic comedy, for example Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin. The characters in the performances mainly speak gibberish, the performance is built on circus, clown acts and entertaining dogs and the physical language is very important. That's why it's possible for all nationalities to understand the showIt's great for people with different background the get a good common experience. It's perfect for markets, camp sites, festivals, childrens birthdays etc. 




Elin has been telling stories all her life. For the past ten years she has refined her skills as a storyteller.  She works at Ghosttour do city walks telling ghost stories and other exciting stories from old Copenhagen. Elin is also a board member of Københavns byvandrelaug. A collection of the best city walkers in Copenhagen.

Elin also tells her own stories.  Because of her background in southern Sweden and the fact that she now lives in Denmark and speak both languages she tell a lot of stories about Danish and Swedish history. Elin tells all  the most frightening and scary parts of it and of course all the myths and legends from this part of Scandinavia. Elin also create new stories of all kinds on any subject that might be of interest. 

If you're more into improvised stories go to "actor/shows" and read more. 




Elin Fredrikson