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Welcome to my website. I am an actor with many years experience of improv theater, comedy and storytelling. I do shows, tours, performances and workshops. I also train companies in improvisation, storytelling and innovation. 

The Quest! improvisation and Storytelling!


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The Quest! improvisation and Storytelling!

Curious to learn more about improvisation, developing your existing skills or learning new ones? Ready for an insight-filled adventure? Then join The Quest! 

Participant from the first ever Quest in Copenhagen says: "In March I took part in a Quest, and it was a thought-provoking, confusing and amazing experience. All parts of the day contributed to this: the morning impro workshop, the afternoon hours spent mostly alone, and the sharing with others in the evening. I still, three weeks after the Quest, find myself wondering about what happened and why. And a few days ago, while walking in my home-town, I noticed on buildings that I have not seen before.”

Meet The Quest! 
Described by participants as, “completely transformational,” The Quest is an improvisational structure developed by the legendary improv guru Del Close (1934-1999). 
Envisioned as a solo-exercise intended to generate insights, The Quest leads participants on a journey where they experience:
-taking the improvisational mindset, normally reserved for the stage, out into the everyday world,
-applying mindset of presence for an extended period, 
-exploring what happens as a result of that approach and
reflecting on what was discovered during the experience,

The final part of The Quest involves coming together and, through casual conversation and storytelling, sharing experiences and insights discovered during that process. 

How Does It Work?
The Quest takes place in three parts, the workshop, The Quest and storytelling. 
1. From 9.30-12.30 At the workshop, participants will be introduced to The Quest and the history behind it. Next, through a series of interactive exercises, they will become acquainted with the skills needed to embark on it. At the end of the workshop, participants will be awarded the signs and symbols to help guide them in their journey. 
2. From 12.30-17-00 At the conclusion of the workshop, participants can begin their Quest immediately. 
3. From 17.00-19-30 Finally, in the evening, participants will gather together again and share stories of their experiences. 

You need not have experience with improvisation; all you need is an open-mind, a desire to learn, and a willingness to participate! If you have experience, great! This is an excellent way to learn some new skills and honer existing ones!

The Story of the Quest
The Quest is a 24-hour improvisational exercise developed by Del Close in the early 1980s, during a series of workshops that he was leading in New York City. The exercise or “structure” as Close called them, languished, largely forgotten until 2014, when improv actor, improv director and comedy writer, Joey Novick reintroduced it to the world at the Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Austin. First Austin, then Hong Kong, then Philadelphia, then Shanghai, Chicago, Montreal and now in Copenhagen! There were teams all over the world participating in the first-ever World Wide Quest Day on March 9, 2016 (or in that same week) in honor of Del Close’s birthday.
About Elin Fredrikson
Elin Fredrikson is a professional actor, worked as an improvisor on stage and as a facilitator of improv worshops for almost ten years. Elin was trained by the very best, among others Keith Johnstone and I.O. Chicago. Since March 2016 she is a certified facilitator of the

Location: Sensus, Studentgatan 4, 21138 Malmö
Price: 550 SEK
Register by sending an email to and transfer 550 SEK to account: Nordea reg. 2143 account. 5366998979. (In Denmark)
From abroad: BIC NDEADKKK
IBAN: DK52 2000 5366 9989 79

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