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Welcome to my website. I am an actor with many years experience of improv theater, comedy and storytelling. I do shows, tours, performances and workshops. I also train companies in improvisation, storytelling and innovation. 


E. F Consulting

Improviser, facilitator, teacher.

Applied Improvisation and innovation.

Impro Comedy and Storytelling

English, Danish or Swedish.

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About E.F. Consulting

Elin Fredrikson consulting was funded in May 2016. My clients are organisations willing to innovate and compete on a high level. The reason I started the business was to bring innovation and creativity to the business sector. I help my customers move from the place they are today to the place they must be tomorrow. My products are long or short processes of change focusing on product, process and business development. Among my products are also leaders training, communication and team building. My products are characterized by creativity, professionalism and renewal. My customers buy my products because they want to innovate and learn to be more creative, and because they know that I focus on the participation of each employee and the following implementation. I am different from my competition because I work with an outset in applied improvisation and storytelling, and using an award-winning model of innovation inspired by the artistic process. My customers often experience a whole new reality in the organization – new life.

The personal story


One night in the small town of Frederiksværk, after performing an improv show, a woman came to me. She had red cheeks, was short of breath and looked at me almost like she was begging: ‘Tell me’ she said. ‘Don’t you also play La Diva in the Camping Theatre?’ ‘Yes, that’s me’ I said. - ‘I thought so’ she said. ‘Listen, my son loved that show. He’s even got a picture of your character hanging on his bedroom wall. My son is very challenged’ she said, now with tears in her eyes. ‘He’s very lonely and often feels left out. The fact that we can look at you and talk about La Diva and the other characters and stories from that show helps my son to feel a little less lonely and a little less different. You have made his life so much easier. Thank you.’

I felt warm within and now I also had tears in my eyes. - ‘Thank you’ I stammered.

The encounter with the mother in Frederiksværk confirmed that my work as an actress was important and that I achieved exactly what I wanted: To move people, to help them change and to tell stories that will stay with them.

Like most actors, I was at this stage of my life on the unemployment benefit from time to time. I had been for a couple of years back and forth. The unemployment fund and the job center were like prison to me. A prison where the prisoners were captive in boxes. Boxes which were impossible to fit into if you were a free spirit, creative people with a strong wish to work. Every time I went for a meeting with the guards, they told me that if I couldn’t get better at fitting the boxes they would take all the support away – and even make me pay back all the benefit I had received. They also kept telling me that my acting was worthless. That if I couldn’t get a permanent job I would definitely have to train to become something completely different, because the business world had no use for people like me. I became afflicted, lost confidence, became stressed and afraid to make a mistake. At the same time I refused to believe that what I could give that boy in Frederiksværk could not be useful in the business world. Anger and determination grew in me. One day I stumbled upon an add from ”Kunstgreb”: A project where I as an artist together with my peers could develop my artistic work and at the same time learn how to make it useful and valuable for others than ”just” the audience. -Yes! I had finally found others like me. I applied to Kunstgreb and was accepted.

4 weeks became 8 weeks, which became 6 months and than almost a year. It was a battle in sweat and tears and at the same time a party filled with joy, laughs and a lot of inspiration. In the end I was ready to facilitate a process in an organisation and use everything that I had learnt. When the project finished, I received the first comment from the managment: ”Something is happening. And it’s because you’ve been here to stir things up… the way I see it we have created a new reality. There is another kind of life present.” I felt strong and ready for a new beginning when I heard that comment. For me that was the proof that I cannot ”only” use my skills to change the life of a challenged boy in Frederiksværk. I can change a whole organisation and the people in it.