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Welcome to my website. I am an actor with many years experience of improv theater, comedy and storytelling. I do shows, tours, performances and workshops. I also train companies in improvisation, storytelling and innovation. 



Kunstgreb, applied improvisation and forum theatre.



Kunstgreb is an awarded creative method of innovation, designed to create development and change. The method is suitable for both processes and products as well as cultural change within the organization. The name - ”Kunstgreb” – means "a grip of art" or "grabbed by art" and implies, that is is inspired by the artists way of thinking and working. The process and tools of the method are based on:

  • the fact that people are inspired and motivated by being creative and being co-creators.

  • that perception happens before reflection - meaning body before mind. The body is the way to the future - the reflective consciousness is in the past

  • how the brain is brought into a state of flow and thereby can create unique results.

  • that increased stimulation of the senses effects the brain in a positive way and thereby experience more varied solutions.

  • that we act and perform better when we are emotionally affected - for example through artistic experiences.

  • that better results are created by integrating elements of play and creativity.

  • avoiding to repeat old habits and inexpedient routine.

Read more about the method and why it works here:

applied improvisation

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Improv is based on dogmas: to say yes and., make your partner look good, forgive mistakes, listening, being present in the now. Applied improvisation has been used, with great succes, to train other groups. For example CEO s, teachers, researchers and so on. It became so big the facilitators decided to gather in a global organization AIN, "The applied improvisation network". Improv and storytelling help to train creativity, to reduce performance anxiety and to create personal and business development.

Links to artikles and videos telling you what improvisation is and what the benefits of improvisation can be for a group or a business:

  1. Uri Alon: Why truly innovative science demands a leap into the unknown - TEDtalk

  2. Improvising a Better World | Dan O'Connor | TEDxNapaValley

  3. Why using improvisation to teach business skills is no joke, By Mark Tutton for CNN

  4. Improv and the 7 Laws of Magical Thinking'

Forum theatre

Forum theatre is an interactive theatre form, where the actors makes scenes about a situation on a work place or in an organization. It is a fictive story, although there will be some similarities with the workplace or situation in question. The scene shows challenges, conflict or other difficult situations. The audience can then help the most challenged person in the scene by making suggestions to change the outcome. The audience can also try the ideas on stage themselves. the director/joker will help the spectators change the scenario in the direction they please. Throughout the show there will be assignments, which helps the audience reflect and give input for new actions in the everyday.  This can imply more nuances in the employers comprehension of themselves..

This insight can create a new knowledge and self esteem especially when mixed with comedy and laughter. Forum theatre can be compared to a democratic laboratory, where you can try new options. You try new ideas in a common "third room" where you make personal and organizational challenges more visual. Further more you might argue that the differences of opinion in the forum forces the individual to take a position, and that is why the Forum theatre gives life to the forces of democracy.