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Welcome to my website. I am an actor with many years experience of improv theater, comedy and storytelling. I do shows, tours, performances and workshops. I also train companies in improvisation, storytelling and innovation. 

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We all felt that this was a bit of a revelation with obvious implications for our everyday scientific work. The workshop also had a very clear team building effect." Martin Garwizc. Lund University.

Statements about Elin as creative consultant:

"Elin and her collaborator carried out a very inspiring and thought provoking workshop, based on relatively simple exercises and a minimum of props. They managed to engage not only those of us who had a positive bias beforehand, but also the sceptics. Everybody who participated enjoyed the workshop very much. In a follow-up discussion it was particularly emphasized how well the importance of keeping an open mind when communicating and reciprocating new ideas was demonstrated with relatively simple means. We all felt that this was a bit of a revelation with obvious implications for our everyday scientific work. The workshop also had a very clear team building effect." Martin Garwizc. Lund University.

"Elin has led us through the many proceses with professionalism and confidence. She always appreard well prepared, and at the same time always ready to improvise, without loosing touch of the goal. Elin masters methods and tools, which with apropriate messures helped develop us. A proces involving many people, can sometimes seem uncertain and without direction. Elin contributed with calm and safety in a complicated proeces of change. The result is great and is definitely within the objectives of the project, to create new ideas and learn new skills. The precondition for big projects of innovation, is that the person running the proces (here: Elin Fredrikson) has the professional competence and maybe even more so, the personal intergrity and kindness which is so important for the proces. Everybody was in on it, this is to a great extent because of Elins' knowledge and personality, and that itself was of major importance for the result and later the implementation. Elin Fredrikson gets my highest recommendations..." Klaus Froberg, head of the sekretariat. BUPL Storkøbenhavn

"Elin was very good at creating a prospering climate for cooperation, and she used her creative ideas to make results. Her competence as an actor was very clear by her creative way to communicate and mediate the plans and content of the project. In a competent manner she took initiative and led the project, organizing and de-briefing in the different parts of the project." Liisa Basset, project coordinator CBSI Copenhagen. 

"Excellent - I belive in effect and posibility to carry on the results now!" "One great side-effect is that everyone can participate equally. It's also a great team-building project, where we worked together in a different way" Comments on the project by the employees at BUPL Copenhagen. 

"Something is happening. It's because you've been her to stir things up!" "It's hard to be concrete, because as I see it we have created a whole new reality...there is another kind of life present." Michael Egelund, Chairman,BUPL Copenhagen.

"...Elin is amazing! Using her personality and knowledge she managed to get all of us to be creative. The expercises she used made all of us feel part of the proces and inspried. She made us associate and write and think freely. Elin has an unusual capacity to make people feel confortable and challenge their comfort zone. She is present throughout the whole proces. She makes the beginners feel safe and at the same time she challenges the experienced."  Catrin Sundelius, Södra Sandby församling.


ATP, H. Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk, Förvaltningsrätten Malmö, Københavns kommune CBSI (Center for beskæftigelse, sprog og intergration) , Kbh kommune BIF (beskræftigelses og integrationsforvaltningen). BUPL  Storkøbenhavn, Lunds universitet, MAF(Malmö amatörteaterforum), Malmö stad, Södra Sandby församling, Malmö impro, Magistrenes A-kasse, Christianshavn skole, Strandvejsskolen, Klynge I Østerbro, Folkets hus Göteborg, Kulturskolan Lund, Liljeholmen Folkhögskola.

Statements about Elin as a teacher: 

"I have been to several theatre workshops with different teachers and always experienced improv as about achievement and that it is a competition in beeing good. That it's only for the funny and talented and that you are less worthy when you fail or make a mistake. Being taught by Elin is the exact opposite! She is easy to understand and she creates a lovely group dynamic which creates the foundation to help ones partners. She has an amazing ability to give constructive feed-back and coaching without you feeling bad or as if you made a mistake. She focuses on the good things and will tell you about her own experience. This keeps you motivated to develop. I learned to stop thinking, just use my first idea, to use my body and my partner for inspiration. With Elin I have very clearly experienced that improv is not only about ”being funny”. Elin doesn't only introduce the joy and the beauty in making a mistake, she introduces a copmpletely new lifestyle. Life wont be as filled up with demands. You will be inspired by the ordinary and will be urged to play. I just say: She is amazing! Take her classes, it affected my whole life in a positive way. Thank you Elin!" Student, Malmö

"I have taken three improv courses with Elin. Every class, no matter how late in the evening, has been filled with energy... Elin is open for a lot of fun and at the same time she leads analysing discussions and makes professional and competent presentations. I learned a lot, made friends for life, and have never ever before laughed as much!" Student, Malmö.

"I have taken several improv courses with Elin as a teacher and I have been equally content each time. Apart from interesting content, Elin has several qualities which increased the positive experience. First of all she is a very funny and relaxed person and she managed to make the classes like that: Funny and relaxing. In that way the participants will quickly get rid of the fear of failing which is a precondition to succeed in improv. Second she is very good at ”freezing” the situation/scene and ask the participants what happened, what was good, what could have been different and to give her own position of it. This immediate feed-back is worth a lot if you want to develop.” Student, Malmö